Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 73

March 13 Tuesday

We seem to be having a last ditch at summer this week so to to celebrate we ate outside. This is a complete lie actually. The house was in such utter chaos there was nowhere to eat inside. I had literally covered every surface with stuff - piles and piles of stuff. Books, papers, projects, washing, ironing, magazines, mail, toys, more books and way too many tea cups. We had dinner and I spent the next 90 minutes cleaning the house so everyone could watch The Vicar of Dibley and Father Ted in comfort. Oh it was BBQ lamb chops with salad and potato gems, ice cream cones for dessert.


  1. Our dining table is permanently covered with the Year 12s' work and books - so is the desk in her room. She spread over to the KITCHEN table the other night and I had to very nicely read the riot act!

  2. Can you believe just how many books these kids have to cart around? I put a strip of blue tape 3/4 of the way down the dining table so I at least had a little space to work on! What a stressful year.