Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 121

Monday April 30

Mum made her excellent 'festival rice' for dinner. Full of good stuff - mushrooms, celery, egg, onion, capsicum, corn. And yes it is no meat Monday so to celebrate we had a pork chop too. We are hopeless!

Day 120

Sunday the 29th April

Shepherds pie with the leftovers. Oh my it was good and not too much fuss after the initial chopping. Thom loved it, Hope hated it, Alan ate too much of it and mum and I enjoyed it with a glass of red wine. Good Sunday dinner. Hope at age 17 seems to be getting fussier about food. As she's in year 12 I accommodate for this as much as possible, I think it's stress induced.

Day 119

Saturday the 28th April

Alan and Thomas braved the market without me as I was feeling poorly and took to my bed. They brought home this giant leg of lamb ($23!- 1/3 of our meat budget) so I went the whole nine yards and did a big roast. The kipfler potatoes were amazing and there is plenty of meat left over for a second meal.

Day 118

Friday April 27

Oh delicious! A paella is my favorite one pot wonder. This one was stuffed full of chorizo and fish and chicken and many many mussels. We could only afford 12 prawns so they were rationed.

Day 117

Thursday April 26

It tasted better than it looked. There was all enough meat for lunch pies the next day. This was Thom's favorite meal of the week.

Day 116

Wednesday April 25 - Anzac day

Curry again? Well yes. It's the cold weather. Well no it's also the fact that we are poor this month so gravy beef must be had in some form or another. But dang it's yum.

Day 115

Tuesday the 24th April

I have discovered that my local butcher stocks rolls of pork rind for 45c a sheet! This will be the death of us all. As everyone relished their pork chop with ratatouille pasta and flourish of perfectly cooked crackling I told them that this would only be served once a quarter for health reasons.