Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 34

Madman at the ovens

Al Albero is a hole in the wall pizza joint down the road. It's wedged in between Danny's burgers, Nth Fitzroy Fish and Chippery and Cristos Charcoal Chooks. It's one crazy bald guy and a giant pizza oven. Online reviews vary wildly from 'I would drive from Sydney to get this pizza' to 'this man is a psycho, beware!' he's been known to throw people out for ordering extra cheese. Last night the joint was jammed with hipsters enjoying his Jagger impersonation while the Stones blared at full volume. The only assistance he has is from a gormless hippy girl with a thousand yard stare. His marinara pizza, laden with scallops, fish and prawns, is simply the very best I have had outside of Italy. His slow cooked lamb with feta is award worthy and his margherita made with fresh tomato, oregano and buffalo mozzarella is worth the wait. This is fast food but slow food. He's a tool. He's a genius. 5 stars.


  1. Love it the north fitzroy pizza nazi - brilliant review, as good as the pizza I believe. Thanks for reminding me, weekend dinner sorted!

  2. Great review haha... He went crazy at my friend it was hilarious...He's a good guy if your on the right side of him.