Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 35

Fire and the food truck

So I've got the corn on the BBQ. Alan and Hope have gone to the video store and mum is sautéing potatoes in the kitchen. All of a sudden I notice the BBQ is engulfed in flames and the thermostat is on 600. Thom of course was thrilled by the drama and refused to go inside. I had to hose the BBQ down rendering the corn inedible and then hose mum down (metaphorically) who was so worried Thom and I were going to go up in smoke like the corn.
After the drama Alan decided he'd skip the home cooked dinner and go up to the gumbo truck he's been obsessing about. It's the new big thing here, food trucks parked in weird places with a sea of hipsters following them on facebook waiting for locations. Tonight it just happened to be at the end of our street. That gumbo, despite looking hideous, was damn tasty. We couldn't waste the steaks so we fried them up in the safety of our kitchen,
Our meal was beyond ordinary but for some reason we were so cheery it was fun around the table tonight. Maybe the stamped napkins helped - sometimes my family think I'm mad!

1 comment:

  1. Lordy Ramona, that's a bit scary.

    Sometimes I think hipsters have far too much time on their hands.... but If a taco/gumbo truck was at the END of my street ( highly unlikely, here in Neighboursville) I think I would wander out too!