Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 47

Sweet beet

I was pretty sure dinner tonight was going to be drab. We had a stressful ride home from the school pick up trying to beat the rain to get the four loads of washing off the line. We had planned a trip to the pool but with dark skies above we all just wanted to get home. Turns out Alan had grabbed the washing in before the worst of the rain. So fortified with coffee I did manage to summon energy to make two beautiful salads. One with baby beets, grilled haloumi and fresh mint, the other with baby tomatoes, cucumber, olives and crispy proscuitto. The potato gems reappeared on the menu as we have a brand new oven to crisp things up in. The gigantic tbone steaks were grilled. Jelly for dessert, which thrilled Thom no end.

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