Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 45

Fancy pants

I absolutely love eating in fancy restaurants. There is nothing better than great food created by a professional chef. Sadly our budget only allows for special occasion dining of that nature. Last night being Valentines Day Alan and I went to the ├╝ber cool 'Huxtable' on Smith Street and spent a days wages on dinner! It was designed around share plates, which we love but it did mean that we ate way too much food. Everything you see on the small bites menu above we ate - one of everything with relish. Of course exhaustion set in halfway through and it became a bit of an endurance test, dessert was a bridge too far I suspect. But it was lovely to spend the evening together, and it was lovely not to cook!

Ps my valentines gift was a new Heston Blumenthal cook book called 'at home' ... I would love to look at it but I'm too busy crumbing schnitzels.

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