Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10

Food on a stick

We try to have dinner together at the table most nights, sometimes we don't pull it off and we end up on the couch. We have found that the toddler eats more if he can see us all eating too. I thought I'd include a photo of his plate to show how we adapt his meals a little. He enjoyed the kebab (as we all did) and still claims corn as his best vegetable. The garlic bread was the second stick made on Saturday. The avocados finally ripened and made a great summer salad.

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  1. I stare down the barrel of the multiple menu at least three times a week. As you know our table houses one picky eater, one meat eater and me (the token vegetarian) so often it's three different dinners at ours. I love the little man makeover of the big peoples dinner and will be trying that one on. Thank god the new boy seems happy to put whatever is closest into his mouth to eat.