Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17


Pork schnitzel is easier than the dreaded chicken tenderloins as it comes in bigger portions so not so much frying. Two salads #1 apple walnut pecorino #2 pasta salad (inspired by librarygirl) with celery and quails eggs, mayo and parsley. Now the quails eggs sound fancy but really you can pick up a tub at the market for $3.50 and they take 6 minutes to cook. They make the pasta salad very substantial which is good if there is only one schnitzel each. I took a photo of the knives and forks tonight as they were a Christmas present -beautiful Laguiole cutlery from France. Absolute objects of desire for any foodie! Im hoping for the spoon set for Valentines Day. Our dishwasher broke down so if we have to hand wash why not use the good china and cutlery? Desert was orange gelato which didn't come together to well but still tasted goooooood.

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