Thursday, January 19, 2012

DAY 19

M's Birthday

Two dinners tonight. For a whole decade I've taken my friend m out to dinner and a movie on his birthday. So tonight it was 'tinker tailor soldier spy' and seafood ramen, both highly recommended. I made the family mexican, all they had to do was heat up the taco shells. I'd say it was a relief to eat a meal I hadn't cooked but to be honest with you because I'd done all the prep I still felt harried by dinner.


  1. I know, its so annoying having to get dinner ready before you actually go out to eat. I never really feel like eating once i'm out. Still those prawns look good. And i'm a vegetarian. Hope M had a good birthday dinner, and I look forward to the Tinker etc review.

  2. It's only last week for the first time EVER I didn't cook before I went out for dinner ( daughter made spag bol for everyone).
    I make that exact meal but don't use the packets in the taco box because of the salt. Also I mush up an avocado with lemon juice and we have sliced tomato in little bowls along with the cheese, sour cream etc.

  3. Sadly my avocado had gone off before last night so unusable. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has to pre cook before a night out.