Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11

Oh my lord are we really this boring?

Our dinner table conversation tonight consisted of an in depth discussion of other things we would be prepared to eat other than meat and salad. I said soup was no go because it reminded me of being unwell, vegan food is out because we aren't sure what it is, an antipasto evening was eventually scrapped due to high levels of salt (and expense). So it was decided we'd go with a pasta night, separate from no meat Monday. Anyone for lasagna? Burp. Tonight was butterflied leg o lamb with roasted kipflers and (you guessed it) salad. Of course the real highlight was the brownies made specially for our Wednesday big night of tv.

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  1. We had the soup conversation the other night. I think for my meat loving boys ( if there's no meat it's barely dinner) soup is ok if something follows. I made potato and leek ( to use some of the garden leeks) and rolls in the bread machine and then I'd made a little curry and cooked some rice because there was leftovers from the night before's roast lamb. I had about a tablespoon of curry, daughter just had soup, boys had two heary courses.