Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6

Friday night we should be having fish. Fish shop closed til feb so I'm hoping the pope will forgive me- we had hamburgers instead. Bacon lettuce tomato and cheese. - no egg, no onion. All members of the family enjoyed this classic tv dinner. Shame the 3 year old refused to eat in front of anything except Dora the Explorer. Ola!


  1. We do this one too - but with canned beetroot ( yes Pen!) and canned PINEAPPLE slices. Sometimes onion. Plastic cheese for the kids.

  2. you know I had the can of beetroot but completely forgot about it. shhhhh don't tell anyone. Librarygirl one of my great pleasures is canned pineapple chunks swimming in pauls custard. such a chick of the 70s!